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December 1, 2011

KSN Townhall Session With MITI & Agencies

Sebelum itu nak say Hello to December! Long time no see you. Hope you bring more joy & good time!

Ok pasal townhall session ni, insan² terpilih saja yang dapat pergi tonwhall session ni tau. Sebelum itu kepada mereka yang tak tahu Townhall Session itu apa, fret not!

Pakcik Google kan ada, maka ini jawapan daripada Wikipedia :

A town hall meeting is an American English term given to an informal public meeting. Everybody in a town community is invited to attend, not always to voice their opinions, but to hear the responses from public figures and (if applicable) elected officials about shared subjects of interest. Attendees rarely voted on an issue or proposed an alternative to a situation. It is not used outside of this secular context.

There are no specific rules or guidelines for holding a town hall meeting.[citation needed] If the turnout is large, and in a particular case the objective is to give as many people as possible an opportunity to speak, then the group can be broken down into smaller discussion groups. Each group, in that case, appoints someone to summarize discussion of their group. Many companies also have such meetings.

Para petugas kaunter pendaftaran

Nak kata insan terpilih tidaklah juga, pasal macam satu office pun turun aku tengok. HAHA. Tak perlu lah ulas lebih lanjut pasal session itu sebab nanti banyak makan hati. Saya tinggalkan anda dengan peribahasa 3 kerat di bawah :

To Whom It May Concern,

Masuk kandang harimau mengaumlah,
Masuk kandang kambiang mengembeklah,
Tapi kalau masuk MENARA, please behave yourself..



  1. hehe..tadi cik mai nampak fie kat kaunter..nak tegur tapi segan...hehehe....

  2. ade name tag..cam chekgu2 dah hehe

  3. aku cuma dpt zzZZzzzZZzzZZzzZZZzz...b.o.h.s.a.n.

  4. Ena : hahaha kakitangan kerajaan berdedikasi

  5. last time pakai nametag adalah zaman sekolah rendah..

  6. terbaik peribahasa 3 kerat tu..kelas!!!


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